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From Cutting Chai To Vada Pav, This Restaurant Brings You Mumbai On A Platter



    Love vada pav with cutting chai? Desi Klub brings to you Mumbai-inspired dishes, junkyard vibes and really cosy sofas!

    Grunge Vibes

    Desi Klub gives you a taste of Mumbai in Kolkata. Simple dishes with their own desi fusion twist. A yellow shutter, traffic signs, and a scooty give the place junkyard vibes.

    And the old LPs on the wall, sofas with cool patchwork give it that cosy, lived-in feel.

    An extra Mumbai touch is added with a board displaying a long list of rules — just like Mumbai’s iconic Irani cafes!

    They have lovely 90s Bollywood music you can tap your feet to while you eat the mouthwatering food.

    Makkhan Maar Ke

    The names of the dishes {inspired by Bollywood movies} and their presentation is right on point! Their menu is inspired by Bombay street food with their own twist added to it.

    You know you want to try this place when it has a dish called Maggi Satakli {INR 275} — it’s sizzling Maggi with paneer and a must try!

    Chitti Aayi Hain {INR 240} is soft chunks of spicy paneer wrapped in roti. They have bits of green apple on the top, which gives it a great sweet and sour taste. Their Papad Bhel {INR 155} with the right amount of spice is a great appetiser.

    The Desi Style Pasta {INR 280} has makhani gravy instead of red sauce and goes extremely with the garlic-buttery good bread! With eight different kinds of sizzlers and a ton of new combinations, Desi Klub is a great place for a meal!

    It doesn’t just stop there. They have a number of desserts as well. So be prepared to have a hard time choosing what to eat!

    Glug glug glug!

    You can’t go to Desi Klub and not try their legendary milkshakes. Chocobar Milkshake {INR 195} comes in a beaker, is super creamy and has a chocobar dipped inside. Amazing right? Litchi Rose {INR 200} With a zouzou lollipop, it looks like a chemical explosion. And is an explosion of flavors in your mouth!

    Also very well known for their Bubblegum Milkshake {INR 155}. You could also go simple and try their Cutting Pudina Chai {INR 115}.