London Swag For The City: Double-Decker Buses Might Do A Comeback

Sayani posted on 28 July

We're really keeping our fingers crossed because this can add;ll  some serious charm to our city. In an attempt to bring the London vibes back home, we've already got our faux Big Ben in town (!). Now there's news that those lovely double decker buses we once had will be back. Only this time there's gonna be more swag to the deal because the buses will resemble the eponymous open-top double-decker buses that ply across London. We're seriously stoked and can't wait to take a ride on one of the few double-deckers that is stated to run across the city for guided tours. Walks, trains and boats rides around the city is fine, but sitting atop a bus to watch the city go by will be a unique experience that'll be difficult to beat. Mumbai already has them, now we'll get a few.