This Kiosk Sells Earrings, Pendants & Fake Nose Rings Starting At INR 30



    Dakhinapan is a shopper’s paradise because of kiosks like this gem that sells jewelry and knick knacks starting at just INR 30.

    Good Things Come In Small Packages

    Looking for a present for your bestie? Want to surprise your mum with a small something? Pick up thoughtful quality presents at this kiosk. Located just outside the Kashmir emporium on the ground floor in the Dakhinapan Shopping complex{outside the Samrat store}, the cart is laden with necklaces, pendants, real and fake nose rings, mini mirrors, jewelry boxes and more starting at just INR 50.

    A perfect present is one of these little knock knack boxes {who doesn’t need a little dabba for their safety pins?}. Each box is printed with a unique pattern {most have floral or Oriental-inspired designs} and come for INR 90.

    Bling It Up

    Not just jhumkas, get phoenix, feather and owl earrings as well. Have an owl obsessed friend? Get her earrings to match those hundreds of owl tshirts she has. The smaller earrings come for INR 30 and go up to INR 100.

    The pendants, which come for INR 100 or INR 200 depending on the size, come in funky ‘Egyptian’ themes apart from the regular ones. Into chunky necklaces? The cart has statement pieces as well – everything is super bright, chic and indie. These are a little more pricey {they start at INR 100}.

    Always wanted a nose piercing but never had the guts? Now you don’t need one. Although we would have loved for them to have simple ring or stud options, the fake nose rings have small gems and start at INR 50.

    Anything Else?

    You can spend many minutes bent over the cart getting excited about what they have on offer. The staff is super helpful as well. They’ll give you a little tray to put your ‘selected’ items on so you can have a good look at what you’ve shortlisted before picking it up.