You Can Send A Postcard To Bae At This Popular Eatery Near Lake Gardens


    How many people would remember writing to someone on a postal inland letter, or the thrill of receiving handwritten postcards over mail? Those were the days before e-mail and chat apps took over our lives, and excitement didn’t come in the form of Amazon or Flipkart packages. Hondo’s is giving you the perfect opportunity to revive this handwritten way of communicating, all the while enjoying their good food.


    Handwritten, With Love

    The world is slowly falling back in love with slow communication with so many organisations and workshops encouraging people to handwrite notes and letters. Read more about it here.

    Prince Anwar Shah’s 24/7 eatery Hondo’s has something very interesting to offer you, besides its regular fare of humongously loaded burgers, sandwiches, pastas and more. Now you can order, and while you wait, pen a postcard to send to someone.

    How brilliant is that?

    I found out about this when someone I know received a lovely handwritten missive on a postcard from an aunt who had gone for dinner at Hondo’s. Apparently you don’t even have to look around for a mail box. Hondo’s even has its own special quirky mail box {a tiny gas cylinder that has been transformed into a mail box by our city’s very own Bapi da of Green Taxi fame, pictured above}. You can drop your postcard in and be sure to have it delivered to the post office.

    If you love the idea of sending a handwritten note to your loved one or the idea of just bringing back this beautiful old practice, then head on to Hondo’s!

    Anything Else?

    The best part is it is free. The postcards {stamped with a Hondo’s seal} and the mailing service is completely complimentary to the patrons of Hondo’s. You can drop in at Hondo’s at whatever time {because it’s open all around the day}.

    Check out their Facebook page here.

    Where: Hondo’s 58/100, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata – 700045.
    Timing: Open 24/7.