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Ekdalia Rd Reveals The Interesting Culinary Tale Of Khao Mok Gai!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Trade and travel have always led to the discovery of new culinary, giving birth to many delectable fusion foods. Whether it's the traders coming into the region to trade or the immigrants brought their familiar cooking methods, high-end experimentation of blending of culinary worlds has been there for centuries.

Surojit Rout of Ekdalia RD. and esteemed personnel from Royal Thai Consulate-General, Kolkata - Mr Nutt Svasti-Salee, Ms Venus Asawapoom have wonderfully collaborated to bring one such dish i.e 'Khao Mok Gai' (THAI BIRYANI) on the table.

Excellent brief narration by Mr Nutt Svasti-Salee and Ms Venus Asawapoom revealed the abundance of fragrant spices infused in the dish lined up from the various gastronomy cultures of India, Iran etc. The dish proudly carries the influence of Thai Muslim community, currently settled by the sea in the Southern part of Thailand connected with Malaysia.

This one-plate dish, the Thai name Khao(rice) Mok (bury) Gai (chicken) is self-descriptive due to its cooking procedure, to cover the rice with chicken and cook them together.

When it comes to the culinary landscape of South East Asia, the Thai cuisine is a world-beater, and this classic South Asian dish - Thai Biryani has aimed to tap the essence of 4 distinctive flavours – sweet, spicy, sour and salty, to nurture the taste buds.

Rich yellow fragrant rice coated with a tasty stock, sprinkled with crispy fried onions and served with a piece of marinated chicken that seems to be grilled (but not), accompanied with the dipping sauce another most important part, of the dish - the crushed mint leaves, ginger, vinegar and sugar. The green sweet sour and spicy sauce adds a contrasting flavour to the rice and meat. The riot of simple aromatic spices and saffron-infused in the rice slowly cooked with pieces of marinated chicken is sublime.

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