Go Herbal With This Beauty Brand's Ethically Made Skin & Hair Care Products

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What Makes It Awesome

Found by Bangalore-based Dr. Nina Pais, Ennelle Skin and Hair Co. makes herbal skin and hair care products using freshly prepared, pure and natural desi ingredients. They are all made by hand, ethically produced and first tested by Dr. Pais herself before it's put out in the market for us to use. Find soaps, face and body butters and scrubs, nourishing creams for all kinds of hair, anti-perspirant gels, under-eye gels as well as herbal treatment creams for psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, skin tags, acne and diabetes.

The under-eye gel is gentle and works for all skin types. It makes the eyes (and us!) look fresh and rejuvenated while keeping it hydrated so we don't have to deal with all that puffiness and hyper pigmentation anymore. Another product we loved was the Tropical Blossom Face Butter made using tea tree and chamomile essential oils, rich raw butters and cold-pressed virgin oils and a special Ennelle blend. Exuding an exotic floral fragrance, this face butter left our skin glowing and super smooth. 

Dealing with acne problems? We'd recommend the handcrafted artisanal double decker Black Pearl soap that has a detox layer and an oil control layer to get rid of that acne and lighten marks and scars. Even better, go for the anti-acne pack that includes this soap, an anti-acne gel and a pure almond face scrub. Buy if it's facial packs that you're looking for, we'd recommend the one you can use easily at home for your daily skin care  All you need to do is wash your face with the double decker spa bar (choose from Sangria, Rainforest, Citrus Bloom or Black Pearl), then use the pure almond face scrub and top it with the super smooth face butter.

Prices start at around INR 100.


Best part? There's hardly any use of paper or plastic as the products are packed in glass bottles. Dr Pais will customise as well according to your skin type and what suits you. So, let her know if you're allergic to something. Drop a message on Facebook and Instagram for deets and orders.