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Experience Deli Indulge In An Innovative Way At Indigo Delicatessen

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What Makes It Awesome?

Breakfast after dark or a heavy lunch during late afternoons? Experience food in a new way with some innovative flavours that are crafted to taste great for your next meal when the restaurant embraces all-day dining.

The deli indulge always occupies a special place in the culinary landscape and after serving the city of Mumbai since 2005 and defining the experience to new heights, the famed chain picks up its next gastronomic destination in Kolkata at 5th floor, Quest Mall Indigo Delicatessen Kolkata, by shaping a broader and fresher menu ringed with delectable platter of hot and spicy nibbles, an everlasting taste of breakfast favourites, retaining the old-charm of big bites - sandwiches and burgers and clean flavours of comforting broth to beat monsoon blues.

A charming atmosphere with nice chic decor. One will fall in love with the rich indigo blue tones which will make your dining experience even more exciting. The ambience is simple and yet, very elegant with the rustic furnishing touches that match the beautiful indigo theme. The cosy dining corners next to the glass panelled doors and windows showcase the warmth and the style of countryside cafe theme.

An insight into the menu reveals delicious and tempting take on classic deli food traditions that have been shaped by many cultural and other factors across the globe offering a vivid array of flavour combinations and also keeping a bowlful of nourishing goodness intact.

In Frame -

Raw Mango Fizz -
Surprise your palate with the fresh raw mango syrup muddled with mint, lemon and little twist with Indian spices, topped with soda and served chilled with an angry spit of chilli.

Kokum Sour Orange -
Goan summer coolant. A nice blend of sour kokum tempered with orange juice adding more flavour. Blood red coloured refreshing drink with tangy-sweet taste.

Deli Breakfast

Eggs Florentine -
A great way to begin an indulgent dream breakfast or a decadent brunch staple. Baked eggs served on a bed of creamed spinach and cheddar spread on a toasted Brioche.

Short Eats-

Kaffir Lime and Kokum Scented Chicken Skewers -
Chicken marinated with masala, flavoured with kokum and kaffir lime, then skewered and grilled to perfection. The refreshing and delicious blend of Kokum and Kaffir Lime with succulent chicken pieces bursting with amazing flavours will leave you craving for more.

Crispy Calamari -
Super tender lightly battered calamari yet deliciously golden brown crunch appetizer served with tangy Kokum chutney.

Smoked Bratwurst (German sausage) -
Each juicy bite is completely soaked in flavour. The smokiness added a flavour dimension to every juicy bite of the crispy pork sausages tossed with bell peppers in Korean Barbeque sauce which bring the sweet, sticky and slightly spicy taste.

Tofu, Shitake and Chestnut Wontons -
The intense flavour of shiitake mushrooms, creaminess of tofu, nuttiness of chestnut - giving this vegan-filled dumpling a meaty texture and full of flavours is such a delight.

Soya Chilli Pork -
A marvellous Indo dish. Twice cooked juicy pork belly tossed in soya and Sichuan peppers that yields a unique aroma and flavours. Served with creamy wasabi.

Turkish Falafel -
Pasty and heavy textured deep-fried patty, made from ground chickpea infused with warm Middle Eastern spices served on delicious garlic flavoured labneh (Greek Yoghurt), drizzled with chilli oil and pomegranate.


Sri Lankan Lamb Broth -
Thin broth with bits of meat pieces slowly cooked for long hours with its crispy edges is such a great treat for the buds. Spiced with turmeric and curry leaves, thus adding loads of clean flavour to the soup.


Bombay Toastie -
Mumbai's favourite street snack and comfort food. The yummy toast sandwiches stuffed with spiced potatoes, cheese and lemon chilli jam.

Crispy Chicken Burger -
The juicy deep-fried crispy chicken patty accompanied with a filling as melting cheddar, fried onion, sunny side up, pickles served with french fries and cucumber peanut slaw on the side which makes this an ultra American classic.

Do drop in at their Deli Counter to check baked goods, take-aways, gourmet gifts.

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