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Brace Yourself! Great Food And Ambience At The Latest Lounge In Town!

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So humans of Kolkata, get ready for a latest dine-in place in town, JD's. I can guarantee you that you will love the ambience of the place, they have maintained a dark theme, black with golden shades. The interiors are very beautiful, there is also a billiards table, so those of you who love to play billiards can play there whenever they want to. Beside the billiard table, there is a huge aquarium, which made the ambience look cooler. The place is basically low light themed. The best part is there are more than 6 feet of distance between consecutive tables, this shows that they are maintaining proper social distancing.

Coming to the food, they are specialised in Continental, Italian and Arabian. They also have a huge list of mocktails to choose from. They have not yet introduced any alcohols, but are planning for it in the near future. There was a huge menu and we had tried to cover some of the special and personal favourite dishes:


Sour currant

• Pineapple punch

• Winter breeze

• Sparkling kiwi

The sparkling kiwi was one of my personal favourite from this place. Generally, kiwi has a tangy flavour in it's green flesh, but the mocktail was not at all tangy. I cannot explain the taste, but it was great and very refreshing. They provide it with three-four slices of kiwi in it. Pineapple punch and winter breeze were also very refreshing. Pineapple punch has rich flavours of pineapple in it, and was topped with small portion of pineapple in it. I am not a fan of sour currant, so didn't give it a try, but the colour of that drinks and the amount of thickness made it good in presentation.


Crispy Calamari

• Lamb Mini Bags

Starting with the Calamari rings, as many of you know that calamari is the culinary name used for squid dishes. The Calamari rings are crispy fried squid tubes in the form of rings. By the time we tried the calamari rings, they became cold, but there was still a crisp in it. Try them hot, with the mayonnaise dip, and you'll surely love it.

      Next I would like to talk about the Lamb Mini Bags which I had for the first time. Small shredded pieces and small chunks of lambs, stir fried with some sauce and loaded with mayonnaise was poured into the pita bread. The pita bread was too soft, it was so soft that while serving it got teared below and the inner filling of lamb was out. I then wrapped them somehow and had it. One bite and you can get the rich flavours of lamb meat and the mayonnaise, coming from this dish.


Char Sui Chicken Dimsum

• Asparagus Chestnut Chingkao

The first thing I would like to talk about in the looks of these dumplings, the presentation was very tempting. The Char Sui chicken dimsum was cute small, round shaped orange coloured dimsum. The dimsum was served with ginger- vinegar sauce. Dip your dimsums into the sauce and take a bite, you will fill heaven in your mouth. The inner filling had shredded BBQ chicken along with shredded onions.

       This was the first time that I had asparagus dumplings. This Asparagus chestnut chingkao dumplings were made in Har gow style. I had no idea what Har gow is, so I Googled it and came to know that it is one of the most popular Cantonese dimsum. The Har gow dumplings are mainly made of shrimps only. Thus, they tried to make the same har gow style dumplings using asparagus. The best part about these dumplings were that you won't feel heavy, after having lots of them, they were very light.


Fiery Crab- The first thing that came to my mind after watching the crab was Krabby from Pokemon. For preparing it, sautt spring onions with salt in a pan and add ginger garlic paste, green chillies, white pepper powder, black pepper powder and oyster sauce. Saute them for some time and then add some water in the pan and toss the crab in it and allow it to cook in low flame. If you are a crab lover, then you must give it a try. The crab was soft and the meat inside it was rich in flavour.

Lamb Chops- This was a sizzler, where they served two portions of lamb, garlic bread and veggies. The aroma coming out from the sizzler was great, coming to the lamb, it was tender and juicy. The pieces were perfect and it had a smokey flavour in it. I will highly recommend this dish of grilled lamb with veggies and garlic bread.

Rosemary Samaka Skewers- This was basically an item of fish where the chunks of fish were dressed with rosemary and then those chunks were placed in the skewers. Those skewers are then grilled over heat and served hot. The kebabs were soft as hell, they were so soft that you can easily cut them by using spoons only, no need for knife or fork. The dressings in the kebabs were perfect, and the aroma it generates was great.

Tandoori Prawns Pizza- My food tour won't end without having a pizza, in an Italian cuisine restaurant. The thin crust, 12 inches long pizza, was loaded with mozzarella cheese and topped with bell peppers, olives, artichoke and medium sized prawns cut into small pieces. I will recommend you guys to try this pizza, you won't be disappointed at all. One more piece of advice, don't let it get cold, try it when it is served hot and warm.


Brownie- The brownie was hot sizzling, with hot chocolate sauce on top of it. You can refer to the pictures to get a good idea about how hot the brownie was by looking at the amount of smoke. The brownie was perfect, not too sweet and the it was not at all burnt. Sometimes we get hot sizzling brownie, whose base gets burnt. This one was perfect, the presentation was great to, they placed two Swiss roll on top of it.

Vodka Cheesecake- I never had Vodka Cheesecake before and don't know how it tastes. When I tried this one, it was like a normal cheesecake only without the crust in it. I love my cheesecake without crust only, so I loved it. The amount of sweetness in the cheesecake was perfect, it was not too much and the cake was eggless.