Feet Up, Relax And Let The Fish Do The Talking At This Unique Spa

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Pamper those overworked feet with a fish manicure for just INR 80

What Makes It Awesome

We all agree that the secret to happy feet is a comforting pedicure session. But aren't we all bored with the tedious and cliched soaking, scrubbing and cleaning process followed in all parlours. A new fish pedicure spa has opened in the ground floor of Shreeram Arcade and it's anything but fishy. 

Sit, soak your feet in a tub of water, and scroll down your Facebook feed, while hundreds of tiny fish nibble at your toes. The Garra Rufa fish, a Turkish breed, popularly known as the ‘nibble fish’ and ‘doctor fish’ exfoliates skin and improves blood flow. While a basic 8-minute spa costs INR 80, you can also avail the 16, 24 and 32 minutes sessions, priced at INR 80, INR 150, INR 210 and INR 280, respectively.

In the minutes of your soak, the fish also stimulate acupuncture points, which in turn reduces pain, lightens scars and in short your feet feel softer and happier. The water is clean and warm so you needn't worry about hygiene. So, rush to Shreeram Arcade and your feet will thank you later. 

What Could Be Better

The service is housed in an open space, so you might find the area a bit chaotic. The noise doesn't affect the fish though!


The service is available from Monday to Saturday from noon to 9pm. So time your spa session accordingly.