Before & After: Five Kolkatans Reveal How They Shed Kilos & Became Fitter Through Dance

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Losing weight can get rather intense and monotonous sometimes. But what if we could lose weight and have fun? Five people reveal how they lost all the extra kilos with dance.

Brinda Das

Brinda at 89 kilos was a classic example of a momma who was struggling with post pregnancy weight loss. While she couldn’t keep up with the machines in the gym, breastfeeding kept her from experimenting with her diet. She joined Zumba at Fusion Step to get back into shape and into her old clothes. With the help of her instructor Ahana, Brinda lost 12 kilos in just five months! Alternating low and high intensity beat movements, and combining that with core exercises and jogging, she trained five days a week for an hour, with no strict diet to follow.

Amit Shaw

Popular TV and film choreographer Amit Shaw {who revolutionised dance on roller skates and who helped Arjuna Award-winning roller skate athlete Anup Kumar Yama win gold in the Asian Games, swears it was dance that helped him lose all the extra chubby weight.

Dance was his mojo from a young age, but it was his training in ballet, jazz movements and contemporary dance which helped him get fit and agile.

Training at least three hours a day and eating small meals every two hours, Amit had shed 15 kilos over a period of few months. A skilled performer and instructor, Amit now helps people get back to shape at his institute DNA Danceworks.

Ahana Chakraborty

As a student who was as passionate about dance as she was about food, Ahana was adding the kilos to her petite frame of 5 feet. She felt frumpy and awkward, and weighed around 50 kilos. Ahana took up Zumba and trained under famous ZES {Zumba Education Specialist} instructor Sucheta Pal. Now she is down to a mere 40 kilos and swears by Zumba. She mixes it up with rounds of suryanamaskar. She trains six days a week for an hour and allows herself one cheat day.

Now a Zumba trainer herself, Ahana is a strict task master and is helping many to cut down the flab and get back in shape.

Sabari Saha

Sabari was diagnosed with thyroid and started adding weight to her petite frame of 4’11” and had soon reached 75 kilos. It wasn’t until she started training for Zumba at Move With Groove under her trainer Yamaan Khanna that she started feeling better and got a control on her thyroid. Training one hour for five days a week, Sabari shed 28 kilos in a period of five months. A momma and an entrepreneur, she has given up junk food and says Zumba infused her with enough energy to juggle her business and her home.

Shatarupa Dutta

At 19, Shatarupa weighed 97 kilos, and the doctors blamed the excess weight for every health problem she had {even common cold, as she says}. Tired of being body-shamed and scared of health complications, she took up dancing to shed the kilos. She began training at Fusion Step under Zumba instructor Ahana, mixing up the moves with planks and push ups. She cut down on her carb intake and added a lot of fruits and trained for five days a week for an hour. In just a year, she had shed a whopping 42 kilos. Check her out now!