Scenic Cruises To Floating Restaurants: Here Are Fun Ways To Enjoy The Hooghly River

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Great cities, they say, are ones that grow around a river. Kolkata is a celebration of the Hooghly River. We have put together a list of fun things you can do around the river. How many have you done?

Enjoy A Nouko Ride

If you are in Kolkata and haven’t yet been on a boat ride on the Hooghly river, then you are missing out on an amazing experience. Take a scenic ride on a nouko, with a hanging lantern to give a very ‘Chingari koi bhadke’ (the immortal song from Amar Prem) feel. The ride from Princep Ghat on one of the old-fashioned boats reveals a side of the city that cannot be witnessed from land. If you take the ride during and after sunset, you get treated to the awesome sight of a lit-up Howrah Bridge and Vidyasagar Setu. A private boat ride can cost you anything between INR 200 – INR 400 for a maximum of four people. 

Snack Away At A 40-Year-Old Eatery

There are plenty of snacking options available at Princep Ghat but you must try out Scoop, the oldest standing eatery there. Once you go up the stairs to the first floor hall the first thing that strikes you is the view from the huge glass windows of the beautiful promenade overlooking the Hooghly with breathtaking backdrops of Vidyasagar Setu and Howrah Bridge. Indulge in the classic ice-cream sundaes on offer (the menu remains almost the same with a few additions) such as Moon Magic, Tutti Frutti, Pink Affair, Desiree and who can forget their signature sundae – As You Like It. Pick your fave as you watch the sun set on the river.

Hide On An Abandoned Jetty

Situated just beside Bidhan Ghat at Napier Road, Hastings, this is one of the lesser known places in Kolkata. Made for loading and unloading of freight for the nearby army base camps, and now lying unused, this place gives a picturesque and uncluttered view of the river like no other. An ideal place to hang around with your squad or a loved one, meditate, soak in the view and the sound of the river currents with no one to disturb the peace. A brisk walk on the railway tracks towards the right hand direction should reach you to the spot in about two minutes or so. A word of caution though, avoid going after dark as it gets deserted and unsafe.

Have A Meal On The River

Take your loved one on a romantic night out at the Floatel, located on an anchored ship overlooking the majestic Hooghly. Flanked by the Howrah Bridge on one side and the Vidyasagar Setu on the other, this one possibly gets the best view of the city of joy. Enjoy the star-lit sky above and the mesmerising view of the river below, while you dig into their sumptuous spread.

Stroll Along The Riverfront

Go on a riverfront walk cum boat ride organised by Kolkata Story Tours. Let them regale you with the stories about the mighty Ganges and Hooghly, its evolution as a great port, the numerous ghats and monuments built around it (each with its own story) and give you a glimpse of the people whose lives revolve directly around the river and river front. Feel the river from close as you embark on a boat ride and see the city through your camera lenses as you will get many opportunities to capture great shots of the many facets of Hooghly. 

For The Shutterbugs

Go on a unique photo walk around the Hooghly. Experience the lives of the people who live by the river through your camera lens – the wrestlers, the sadhus, wise men and common people whose life begin with a holy dip in the Hooghly. After you have soaked in the enigma of lives of the people living by the river you can face the hustle and bustle of a very busy but vibrant wholesale and retail flower market. This market does brisk business of local seasonal flowers along with fancy imported ones too.

Take A Ferry Ride

Avoid getting stuck in a traffic snarl while approaching the Howrah Bridge or just go for the experience of availing the ferry service from any of the multiple ghats that make for a fast, comfortable and serene ride to your destination. Chandpal Ghat and Fairlie Place Ghat are most popular being located near Dharamtala and Dalhousie areas, offering daily ferry services to Howrah when the road is clogged with traffic. 

Adda By The Riverfront

Millenium Park, situated along the Strand Road on the eastern shore of the Hooghly is a neatly landscape garden made as a part of the Kolkata Riverside Beautification Project. Ideal for weekend outings or evening strolls by the river, the park has amusement rides too for the little ones. Its illuminated pathways with street food stalls lining the periphery flanked by the serenity of Hooghly can host endless adda sessions over puchkas and shikanjis.


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