Dresses, Accessories & Jewellery: 145 East Makes The Trendiest Gamcha-Based Looks

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What Makes It Awesome

Gamchas have never been more fashionable than at 145 East. Local, simple, organic gamcha dresses, stationery, accessories, home decor and more!

Ditch superstores and head to 145 East, a Kolkata-based design collective that’s all about redefining fashion and including local elements from the city into their aesthetic. This group of engineers, visual artists, passionate designers (and a pupper!) are insanely creative with their use of simple material. Upgrade your wardrobe with their innovative and fashion-forward use of the simple everyday gamcha. They make a range of products – from clothing to stationery, household items and accessories. 

Not only does their use of the gamcha ensure livelihood for hundreds of local weavers and artisans, but all their products are also made in an eco-friendly manner. It’s all organic and sustainable and the looks come off as chic. Since everything is made with the humble gamcha, it’s all easy on the pocket. Pick up a casual kaftan dress for INR 1,800, and the pretty tops at approximately INR 1,950. Ditch your jeans and -shirt look and check them out for some offbeat clothing.


The store also stocks up on twelve chord necklaces which work so well with all outfits. The accessories are upcycled using gamcha scraps.