Calling All History Buffs! This Ruined Fort On The Foothills Of Panchet Hills In Purulia Is A Must-Visit

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking to get away from the chaos of city life for a while? Then, take a short trip to Garh Panchkot. Situated on the foothills of the Panchet Hills in Purulia, Garh Panchkot is a ruined fort that was once home to the Rajas of Panchkot - the Singh Deo dynasty. It’s situated adjacent to Panchet Lake and is surrounded by hills and forests. It is believed that the Rajas lost to the ‘Bargis’ (Maratha cavalry that looted and plundered the fort) and were eventually forced to move out of the palace. The Bargis ransacked and destroyed the palace in the 18th century and it’s been in ruins ever since.

Visit the terracotta temple ruins that boast of  different architectural styles like Pancharatna (the most popular one), Jor-Bangla, and Pirha. Besides, the overall scenic view of the place with lush greenery, ruins, woods, perennial springs along with the Panchet Hill and lake make it a must-visit. Stop by the guard’s quarters, the ‘Singh Dwar’ (defense moat) and the Rani Mahal that was home to the king’s 17 wives!

Trek over to the Panchet Hill for the best views of Damodar River. Visit the Panchet and Maithon dams for picturesque views of the lake. Maithon has a huge water reservoir comprising small islands that are easily accessible through paddle boats. Make sure you stop by Panchet Lake to get a glimpse of the half-submerged ruins of the ancient city of Telkupi.


Looking for accommodations? Check out Garh Panchkot Tent House, WBFDC Nature Resort, Panchet Residency and Garh Panchkot Eco-Tourism Resort.