Anushka posted on 7th June

Plain Cheese To Chicken & Beef: Get Your Nacho Fix At These Places

Everyone’s fave Tex-Mex sharer? Nachos, of course! We scouted around for the best ones in the city – overloaded with all of the cheese, queso, guac and salsa of your game-day dreams. And perfect for FIFA season!


At TGIF every day can be as glorious as Fridays with their plate of Cheesy Nachos. It has oodles of melted cheese and olives on top and comes with three sides including a dip, a grilled whole corn and crispy onion rings. They have other variations as well (they come for INR 650 onwards). We’ve heard great things about the sumptuous Pork Belly Nachos.


We all know they do good Continental food and the prices are easy on the wallet. But the nachos here are finger-lickin’ good too (INR 315 onwards). Topped with cheese, oregano, chili flakes, olives and jalapeno, it comes with three types of dips to add that extra flavour.


We have a special soft corner for the nachos at Chilli’s. Every bite is laden with melted, gooey cheese (and meat) with that subtle crunch from the nacho chips. It comes with fresh guacamole, salsa and sour cream for INR 330. Available at all outlets.

Bon Appetit

On a budget? Head to the youth fave in Hazra, Bon Appetit, to stuff yourself with a plate of cheap, yet delicious nachos that drips sauce and cheese from all sides with loads of jalapenos and olives, for INR 95 only! They have a chicken variation as well.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

The Irish House

Grande Nachos with Beans, jalapeños and bell peppers and three kinds of dips. If you’re in a nacho takedown kinda mood, ask for the beef nachos. They are not on the menu but they’ll serve them if you ask.

Hard Rock Cafe

For INR 530, a plate of their Classic Nachos has a mountain of tortilla chips piled high with three bean mix, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, pico de gallo, jalapeños and green onions. Garnished with sour cream. You can add southwest chicken or fajita beef for a little extra.

The Factory Outlet

For INR 225, you get a plate of nachos layered with refried beans, pico de gallo, corn, jalapeno, and olives, topped with cheese sauce. Pile on extra chicken for INR 75.

Cream Centre

The most number of votes went to this one from CC which has  dollops of fresh cheese, kidney beans, olives and veggies like onions. It’s a big plate (easily shared with 3 to 4 people) and comes for just INR 439.