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Masala Monk

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What Makes It Awesome

I stumbled upon Masala Monk while looking for a good jar of marmalade (to kickstart my winter, you know), and then I found something that totally blew my mind. Orange Whiskey Marmalade - something hardly ever available. And this Monk is mixing his masala correct to keep our tastebuds tingling!

The tangy spicy marmalade will seriously ace your brekkie like a boss. Along with it, I had also bought their sweet chilli hot jam (your palate will do a straight out jig tasting this) and the chocolate hazelnut butter (midnight cravings sorted now!).

Yet to ascertain the benefits, I also picked up their Himalayan garlic pickle that claims to be good for weight loss (the extra pounds after festive excess had got me cribbing) and BP control. A proper chai head, My dad totally loved their chai masala spice blend, too!

What's awesome, of course, is Masala Monk's intention of keeping things healthy. The pickles and spreads are all slow food, sourced from local ingredients.

Good thing, Masala Monk also has au naturel groceries like Himalayan rice, red and white rajma and dal. The handcrafted wooden kitchen boards (carved into interesting shapes) are for the win, though.

How Much Did It Cost

Everything's between INR 200 and INR 699 (depending on the quantity).

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