Running Out Of Gifting Ideas? Head To This Shop For Options Aplenty

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What Makes It Awesome

An evening stroll on Lindsay Street led us to this quaint shop named Gifts n Greetings and in no time we fell for it hook, line and sinker.

The shop has gifting options for all 365 days of the year, literally. We loved their rich collection of showpieces, idols in varying shapes, vases, clocks and even glass structures. What also caught our eyes were tribal artefacts and wall hangings that are perfect to spruce up any drawing room. Remember those Chinese dragon cups that rule the markets in Sikkim and North Bengal? From cups, saucers, spoons, boxes to even salt and pepper cases, dragons (designs we mean!) seem to be ruling everywhere here. While showpieces range between INR 350 and INR 850, idols are a bit pricier at INR 1,600-INR 5,500. Vases are priced INR 1,800 onward.

If your friend is allergic towards all things smelly, gift her scented candles, available here in varying flavours and for INR 100 only. To buy something offbeat for your little ones, check out their collection of cute mini piggy banks and showpieces, starting INR 250.

What Could Be Better

Several gigantic showpieces and idols occupy a large portion of the shop and makes it look all the more clustered. Segregating the gifts as per their sizes might look more appealing.