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Feast On All Kinds Of Perfectly Grilled Kebabs At This Amazing Outlet!


    Taste, smell, odour all have the power to transport through time and space. The flavour of grilled food often relates to old vacation memories, picnic and trips. Thus Afraa Lounge, located in 'G' block at City Centre 1, has launched a new food menu, which is called "Global Grill Promotion". Global Grill promotion with it's bold, piquant flavours, spicy, salty, fishy, meaty and rich vitamin foods is so different from each other in different parts of the world. Together, this menu represents the traditions and trends of Turkey, Phillipines, Libyan, Lebanon, Persian, Argentina, Jamaica, Syrian, Indian and Iranian kebab and grills. They started this festival after being inspired from a 10th Century cookbook "Kitab al-tabikh", which means kebab as meat either pan-fried or grilled.

    I won't waste any of your time by explaining more about this festival, and will directly jump into the kebabs that are available.

    • Indian Non-Vegeterian Kebabs:

    The kebab platter that is originated from India and are jotted below:

    1. Burhani Tandoori bekti with burnt mango chutney.

    2. Murgh Kastoori Kebab which was marinated with cream and saffron, brushed with egg and chargrilled.

    3. Shahtoosh Kebab which were very soft and mouth melting just as Shahtoosh, which is a fine type of wool made from the hair of the Tibetan antelope. These kebabs are compared to Shahtoosh because of their softness.

    4. Mutton Galauti which was as soft as it could be. Most of us don't know the story behind Mutton Galauti kebab. It goes like this, the Nawab of Lucknow lost his teeth due to old age, but his love for kebabs was still with him. So, their cook prepared a kebab which needs no chewing yet had the same rich flavours and taste of a kebab, known as Mutton Galauti Kebab.

    The best part is that you can enjoy all of these kebabs in a single platter, where you will be served two portions of each kebabs and three dipping sauce. The name of that platter is Indian Non-Veg Kebab platter.

    • Mediterranean Veg Kebabs Platter:

    1. Turkish Veg Sheesh Kebab garlic, oregano and all spice marinade

    2. Cottage Cheese Steak with inasal sauce

    3. Button Mushroom, asparagus and bell pepper with spicy tomato dip

    4. Batatahara which is basically Lebanese potatoes mixed with corrainder, garlic and chilli. It was served with pita.

    5. The International grill platter or Mediterranean veg kebab platter, which consists of the previous four kebab platters. Turkish veg sheesh, Cottage cheese steak, batatahara and exotic veg brochette served along with pita and three dipping sauce.

    Apart from these, there was also International non-veg grill platters and Indian vegetarian kebab platters. Among the International Non-veg grill platters, I tried the Chicken Jujeh Kebab which is an Iranian dish. It consists of grilled chunks of chicken which are mostly served without bone. This is one of the most common and popular dishes of Iran.

    Last but not the least, the dessert served was Chocolate Monte Carlo. It is a three-layered dessert which had chocolate cake in the base, chocolate ice cream in the middle and cream on top, which was topped with walnuts and chocolate syrup. This was one of the best desserts that I had till date.

    Afraa Lounge has introduced around twenty types of kebab platters. So guys what are you waiting for? Pack your stuff, wear mask, take sanitizers and jump into Afraa Lounge, located at 6th floor, 'G' block, in City Centre 1, to be a part of this Kebab festival and enjoy the taste of Kebabs from all over the world at a single place.