These Kolkata Organisations Will Help You Lead A Greener Life

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Want to go zero waste in 2019? These Kolkata organisations will help make sure you’re not adding to the trash in the world.

Green Legion

These guys are here to help you with step 1 on managing waste — segregating waste at the source and discarding responsibly. They’ve worked with kids before too so they know how to teach any age group how they can help in effective waste separation. They have workshops across the city — you can ask them to come down to your community hall, educational centre, housing complex — to do a session just for you. If you want pro tips on turning your kitchen waste into compost, landfilling and how to segregate items in a time and cost effective manner, these are your go-to people. They can also help you install vermicomposting units.

Get in touch with them at 9830130715, 9836795352.

Green For Life Foundation

Plastic driving you crazy? Green For Life Foundation figured out a way to wave their pastic-free wqand and make plastic which would otherwise take 1,000 years to biodegrade, disappear.

Need something like that for your building or gated community where plastic is piled up for days on end? Decided to live a plastic-free life? Give them a call and they’ll pick up any pastic products you don’t want to use anymore, clear it out and get it treated. Have questions? Contact them at 9831582239.

Vital Waste

Have a ton of old papers lying around? Make sure it gets recycled and get paid for it. Vital Waste will collect any dry waste you have lying around at home or in the office (anything paper, cardboard or even plastic) and give you cash for it. They have an in-house recycling plant which processes the waste into reusable items.

You can register your housing society or company with Vital Waste through their website. You need to make an appointment with them, after which they will call and confirm the pick-up. 


Have a bunch of old laptops, phones, desktop, CDs lying around the house which you never use anymore? Get in touch with Hulladek, the first e-waste management company in Eastern India. These guys are pros at recycling discarded or obsolete electronic equipment. All you have to do is head to their website where they’ll give you the option to sell or donate your e-waste. Fill in the details and you’re all set.