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Learn To Grow Fruits And Veggies In Your Own Kitchen Garden With Greenshala


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    Want to grow your own fruits and veggies but don't know how to go about it? Well, then, we have something for you.

    Say hello to Greenshala - an initiative to help you start your own kitchen garden so you can grow your own food that is organic and free from toxic chemicals. The organisation aims to promote healthy and sustainable ways of living in urban spaces. They encourage those living in urban areas to grow their own fruits and vegetables organically and generate compost for it using the kitchen waste so there's no harm to the environment either.

    Greenshala also conducts Kitchen Gardening workshops from time to time. So, if you plan to grow your own greens and are looking for guidance, you know who to hit up. They'll teach you about environmental-friendly horticulture techniques, give you tips and tricks about creating a kitchen garden in your urban home while educating you about ways to overcome hurdles and use kitchen waste to make compost for their garden. Also, learn how to buy and cook food without losing its nutritional values.

    They'll also help you connect with experts online besides selling seeds, plants, organic fertilizers, herbal crop protection and insect repellents, appropriate soil, soil-less media, pots, gardening tools, and other products to help you grow your own greens.