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Ladies! If you're looking to switch to a more eco-friendly and sustainable option when it comes to menstrual hygiene but don't know where to start from, we have something for you.

Say hello to Gynocup that offers sustainable and affordable menstrual hygiene products sure to make your lives easier and healthier. The brand's product range includes menstrual cups, intimate washes, clean wipes, disposable toilet seat covers, plant-based menstrual cup lubricants, cup washes, face razors, cramp relief rolls and cup sterilising containers.

The reusable (for up to a decade!) menstrual cups come in three sizes and are made of medical-grade silicone. They are soft, comfortable, odourless, leakage-free and wearable for up to 12 hours - say goodbye to buying those uncomfortable sanitary pads that leave rashes and cause itchiness! They've also got alcohol-free, skin-friendly intimate wipes made using natural materials as well as lubricants to wash the cups and keep it bacteria-free. Opt for the Cramp Relief roll-ons if you struggle with body and lower back pain during your period.

Men! Gynocup also has something for you. Check out the Intimate Wash for Men made with the goodness of tea tree, cedarwood, lemon and peppermint oils - no more bacteria, itching or irritation. 

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