This App Will Turn Your Daily Grind Of Household Chores Into A Fun Game

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What Makes It Awesome

It's about time we drop the pretense that we all have 'so much free time' now. We don't! The work seems never-ending with each passing day. So, here's a little help in the form of a cool app we just discovered. Habitica is not a game or an organiser, it's the much needed motivation and structure that you lacked in going about your household chores. 

This app will turn your life into a game. The rules are simple - set daily tasks for yourself and as go about your routine, keep ticking them off to get rewards (cute pets, fancy equipment et al) in return. What we really love about the app though is the way it organises your tasks. Whether you're looking for a to-do list, or trying to change your lifestyle (exercise more, cut down on screen time, etc), or in need of some serious motivation to get it all together.

Don’t fret. You will still be your own boss. This app is only a facilitator. You can customise your experience and your lists to be as punishing or as easy as you’d like. If you fail to do a task, your avatar pays the price. If you really slack in getting things done, your character dies and you lose a level, all of your gold and one random piece of equipment. 

What’s more? You can even get your friends or family to join in the fun (and work). Hold each other accountable for daily household chores. Be it doing the laundry or cleaning the toilet or washing the dishes or cooking; the app will make sure you and your folks are on the ball.