Go Organic By Growing Vegetables On Your Rooftop With Hari Mitti

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What Makes It Awesome

Instead of extracting from nature, you can now grow vegetables at the roof of your own house with Hari Mitti, a gardening store in Salt Lake that focuses on vegetable gardening.

You can now plant vegetables at any given space possible and harvest as you like. You can choose to make your gardens in hostel campuses, in your residence balconies, in housing society complexes or on rooftops. This concept of urban farming is now a reality and one can produce fresh herbs at convenience.

They grow close to 40 herbs, spice plants and vegetables. You can choose from their plastic or wooden crate units for a seamless urban farming experience. The plants come with growing medium and compost. They grow on a soil-less medium consisting of coco peat, vermicompost and micro-organisms. It is said to be light and has high water retention capacity.

Select from plants such as brinjal, ladies finger, different kinds of gourd, red spinach, Malabar spinach, pumpkin, lemon grass, basil, coriander and lettuce among others. Perfect for growing herbs and veggies, the plastic crate units are light weight and come for INR 500. The wooden ones are made of high quality pine wood and are designed for draining out excess water. These are priced at INR 2,000 per unit. They also provide metal racks, which hold six units, for INR 2,500.


You can sign up for their annual maintenance charge that includes weekly monitoring of plants, pest management and also assistance in setting up shades to protect the plants. The charges depend on the number of crates and the distance.