Brunch With Bae: Head Over To Burnt Garlic In Rash Behari Avenue For A Memorable Meal

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What Makes It Awesome

Rash Behari Avenue's Burnt Garlic has recently introduced a few amazing dishes and cocktails to their already amazing menu. The best part is that it has something in store for everyone. No one in the group will feel left out.

These latest additions are totally worth your money. With the yuletide spirit in the air, definitely, check out these - stir-fried chicken with bokchoy, straight up pork with long beans for the 'oink oink' lovers; pan-seared jalapeno and cottage cheesecakes, saute mushroom with lemon chilli for the vegetarians; lamb kibbeh with cashew sauce, chilli crusted beckti with orange veloute sauce for the meat and fish lovers in general.

Among the cocktails, choose from the chatpata guava, currypata coconut vodkatini, captain expresso martini, planters punch and more such fun drinks!

Also, my recommendation for you is to try the chilli crusted beckti, stir-fried chicken and straight up pork with long beans. Also, they make a mean version of chilli pork, so don't forget to try that out.

What Could Be Better?

The lamb might be a little strong and is not for everyone but be rest assured, the crusted beckti surely steals the show!

What's My Pro Tip?

Definitely reach early to start guzzling down the fun cocktails before it gets super crowded!

Anything Else?

Yes! They also have LIVE music for a few days. Plus, check out their Facebook and Instagram for more deets on the same.