Head To These Pet-Friendly Cafes In The City For A Purrfect Date With Your Furry Friends

    Eat, play, love! These pet-friendly cafes in the city are every pet-lover’s dream come true.

    Wood House

    If you love animals and good food, then this is the place to be. From dogs to pretty Persian cats, from uncaged birds to a large aquarium, from finger food to pet food this 1,600sq ft space has a lot to offer. The moment you enter, you will feel like you have stepped into a cutesy tree house - pine wood furnishings, quirky and colourful decor, and walls adorned with handmade animal shaped carvings. The ground floor has a dog section where you can meet the super playful and friendly dogs - Oreo (Beagle) and Snoopy (Cocker Spaniel). Head to the first floor (with artificial grass flooring) to meet Simba and Sasha, the Persian cats. Make your way towards a glass enclosure inhabited by Jarvis (African grey parrot), and MJ (little corella), along with five other cockatoos called Soda, Lemon, Ginger, Pop and Rocks. With so many in-house pets, even your own pets will have enough new friends to make. Amidst all the pooch love, don’t miss out on indulging in delicious pizzas, spring rolls, fish fingers, chicken skewers and milkshakes.

    The Green House

    The Green House

    Salt Lake, Kolkata

    Looking to pamper your canine companions or take them out on a play date while you binge on cheesy nachos, IPL matches and Game of Thrones? The Greenhouse has got you covered. There are four sections within the cafe — dog room, dining space (a non-smoking area with cute swings you can chill on), lounge (with a big TV set) and hookah room. They have in-house dog handlers who do look after the pets very well. The menu is an assortment of the usual suspects - like chicken wings, waffles and pizzas (they have a fiery peri peri one). Don’t miss the veg platter consisting - homemade crispy and crunchy nachos, gooey cheese balls, spicy and tender paneer tikka, sweet and spicy crispy chilli baby corn. Served with creamy mayo, tangy salsa and minty pudina chutney. They do a good range of Indian tea — ginger-infused adrak elaichi chai and saffron-infused kesar elaichi. What’s more? If your doggo has been looking a bit unkempt, you can get them groomed too, while you are here.

    Throttle Shrottle

    Throttle Shrottle is bound to take you by surprise. A biker’s cafe, the open-air rustic vibe is super chill. You walk over a small wooden bridge to be greeted by their Great Dane — Piston. Don’t be scared of her size, she is a softie! Feel free to show her some much-deserved love. Cat lovers, they have two kitties who hide behind the bikes and make their presence felt once in a while. And we just can’t get over the two white ducks who flock around on their own, not disturbing anyone. There is a pond in the middle for them, which just adds to the feel of the cafe. All their pets are well trained and don’t cause any problem. Piston might just go up to your table to say hi, but will not even look at the food. Just so you know, this 24-hours cafe is one of our fave pet-friendly places that whips up a soup or a meal in a bowl for your doggo at a flat rate of INR 100. So wait no more, and gather your squad to get coasting on Goan vibes and biker grunge.