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Can't Decide What To Gift Your Loved Ones? Hit Up This Brand For Ideas

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What Makes It Awesome

HobbyKlub is a Kolkata-based company that makes artsy gift boxes.

Want to give handcrafted gifts or gift boxes? Be it any occasion, HobbyKlub will make sure to personalise your gift boxes with their own hands. Get decorative bottles, decorative vases and message bottles which can make for good home decor options for someone. You can also get glass jars as candle stands, with cute hand paintings. You can also buy their paper products, which they use to make flowers, wall hangings and photo frames, among others. But we really like their infinity cards, which is probably the cutest gift option you can think of, for your partner (especially during anniversaries).

Want to keep it eco-friendly? Worry not. HobbyKlub will do it for you. They work with newspapers, bottles, ice- cream sticks (pretty sure the used ones!) and disposables. They use disposals to make chocolate boxes and pen stands. Also, find baskets and pen stands made from ice-cream sticks.


HobbyKlub also hosts workshops on crayon art, resin art, decoupage and handmade cards, among others.