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Hit Up Manzilat's For Homemade Treats To Sweeten This Festive Season

    East Kolkata Township, Kolkata


    Shopping, lights, adda and eating are some of the best things about festivals, but can you imagine one without sweets or savoury treats? The boxed and the canned ones are convenient, but nothing can beat the special taste of homemade treats. This festive season, pick up sweets by home chef Girl From The Hills.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Festive days coincides with cheat days, and this obviously call for snacking and bingeing on sweets and savoury. The off-the-rack ones are okay, but they definitely lack the ghar ka flavour that make homemade treats so special. Hailing from Shimla, but now based in Kolkata, home chef Sherry Malhotra (aka A Girl From The Hills) makes sweet things that will remind you of grandma and mom. Barfis, mathri, laddus and paare, you can order whatever you crave.

    Looking to pick up something for the cousins you're visiting this Dashami? Get some Amritsari mathiyan and besan ke laddu from Sherry. Packed carefully in airtight containers, these are easy to stock and carry. Winter is coming and so are winter sweets. And in case you happen to miss North India's specialties, just hit up Sherry who's making sweets like panjiri and pinniyan which will surely quell your cravings.


    These are not available in any store. They are made to order and have to be picked up from home chef Manzilat's place. You can read more about the awesomeness that is Manzilat's right here

      East Kolkata Township, Kolkata