Here Are 9 Seriously Good Soups To Warm You Up & Keep You Toasty This Winter


    Chimney Soup At Eau Chew

    Eau Chew

    Chandni Chowk, Kolkata

    Perhaps Kolkata’s most iconic soup, as soon as the mercury starts dipping we find ourselves heading to this hole-in-the-wall joint. Don’t be deceived by its appearance, Eau Chew may not be elaborate but its Chimney Soup is legendary and rightfully so. A piping hot bowl of broth with an egg freshly cracked over it, it’ll feed at least four people {twice!}.

    Meatball Soup At Tung Nam

    Tung Nam

    Barabazar, Kolkata

    This not-so-hidden gem in Chattawalla Galli is becoming the place to go for authentic Chinese food. The meatball soup is not always available but you should definitely ask before ordering anything else. The meat is crushed, mixed with spices and rolled into a ball. With the clear soup and a couple of green veggies, the soup is light and the perfect start to any meal. They also have fishball soup which has a similar preparation but is not as flavourful. Did you know you can also buy packets of prawn chips, Chinese sausages and more Chinese foods to take home?

    Manchow Soup At Flavours of China

    Flavours Of China

    Park Street Area, Kolkata

    Park Street’s favourite Chinese joint, Flavours of China has a lot {and when we say a lot, we mean a lot} of delicious soups to choose from. Top of the list are their thick lemon-y coriander soup and their hot and sour soup but you can’t beat the Manchow Soup. Almost like a broth, this textured soup comes with crispy fried noodles on the side {which are the main attraction}. Top your soup generously with little crispy bits and make your soup crunchy.

    Clear Soup At Hamro Momo

    Hamro Momo

    Elgin, Kolkata

    If you’ve never been to Hamro Momo, you’re missing out on the best of cheap Tibetan/Chinese food. Every plate of momos comes with a clear soup {absolutely free!} which aside from a couple of greens has nothing in it yet is so packed with flavour and soulful, you’ll find yourself going back for more. Light, piping hot and warming, with a couple of momos on the side, you’re going to have the perfect winter evening.

    Cauliflower Soup At Westin

    The Westin

    Rajarhat, Kolkata

    When we first heard of this soup, even we were apprehensive, but one spoonful in and we were sold. The Westin’s new all-day dining hub has a mesmerising textured cauliflower soup. The soup itself tastes more like a cream-cheese sauce {you would never expect the simple cauliflower to taste that good} and is topped with an interesting cheese — a bowl full of veggie heaven.

    Thai Soup At Golden Joy

    Golden Joy

    Tangra, Kolkata

    Are you down with a cold? We found a remedy that doesn’t involve a trip to the pharmacy. A piping hot, spicy, packed with flavor soup, the Thai Soup at Golden Joy is where we go when we’re down with the flu — it’ll ease those sinus’ right away. A dark rich colour, the soup is packed with Chinese sauces, veggies and proteins and is heavy enough to be a full meal.

    The Tenthuk Bowls At Momo I Am

    Momo I Am

    Salt Lake, Kolkata

    In Tibetan “then” means pull and “thuk” means noodles. This healthy, hearty and filling bowl of hot soup keeps the people warm in the icy chilled weather conditions in the Himalayas. If you’ve been congested and sniffling a lot in the cold {and pollution}, have a bowl at Momo I Am and it will clear away all the phlegm, for sure.