Travel Goals: Take A Dip In West Bengal’s Only Hot Spring This Winter


    Four hours away from Kolkata and 50 kilometres from Shantiniketan in Bakreshwar lies Bengal’s only hot spring – here’s why you should go.

    What Is It?

    Shrouded with sheer serenity, Bakreshwar is home to one of Bengal’s most alluring natural attractions — the famous hot spring. You’ll find several here — approximately nine hot springs each named individually} in the region {the temperature of which varies from 42 to 65 degrees}.

    Eight of the springs are clustered together whereas the ninth is found at a little distance. The most popular springs are Agni, Bhairab, Khir, Nrishingha  and Surya. The hottest of the springs is Agni Kund. The springs are open to bathers and you can join the tens of tourists and locals who take a dip there.

    The town is also a pilgrimage site and is considered a holy place because of the existence there of a Shiva lingam so you will find yourself amongst many tourists and pilgrims.

    How Do I Get There?

    The drive to Bakreshwar takes approximately 4 hours and is the most recommended way to get there. You can also take a train to Chinpai and drive the rest of the way. There are numerous trains that make the stop at Chinpai – you can find the whole list with timings here.

    Anything Else?

    Because Shantiniketan is less than 50 kilometres away, you can club your trip and do an extended winter vacation. Massanjore is another must-see place in the state.