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If it’s Mughlai— it has to be Aminia!

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Kolkatan’s love affair with Aminia began several decades ago. A family-owned business, Aminia, one of the oldest Mughlai restaurant in eastern India, is a favored destination not only for most Kolkatans but also for visitors on a food trail. Its adherence to quality and authenticity of Mughlai recipes they serve, have helped raise its popularity demanding the opening of branches all across the city and its suburbs. Presently, it has over ten outlets. Aminia today has become synonymous with Biryani…and that too the Calcutta Biryani with its melt in the mouth potatoes. Over the years, they have evolved greatly and have constantly updated themselves with the likes and dislikes of their ever-growing customer base.

Keeping this in mind, Aminia has introduced six new delicacies in their menu. And what does it include? Of course, there’s Biryani plus something more. The association of Kolkata and biryani dates back to almost 150 years. When in 1856 Nawab Wajid Ali Shah,the 10th Nawab of Oudh, was banished from Lucknow by the British, he came to what was then Calcutta. He settled on the outskirts of the city in Metiabruz. Here he tried to recreate his beloved city Lucknow. His grandiose banquets became a thing of the past. Financial constraints forced his enterprising cooks to think of ingenious ways to deal with the situation…potatoes and eggs came to be added along with meat to prepare a wholesome Biryani. And thus the famous Calcutta Biryani was born. If this story is to be believed then, the narrative of Calcutta biryani goes somewhat like this. The Nawab came and conquered the hearts of the people of Calcutta through their stomachs and carved out a permanent place. The popularity of Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine has not faded over the years, in fact, it has increased. When we speak of the

Calcutta Biryani— Aminia tops the list!

Check out what’s new at Aminia—

Chicken and Mutton Dum Handi Biryani – A delicious plate of biryani, slow cooked to perfection. For this delicacy the meat and the rice are cooked together with a little bit of ginger and garlic pastes, coarsely ground red chilies and other spices. It comes with four pieces of meat cooked perfectly on dum, with a crisp layer of paratha layer covering it. This dish is currently being served only at its Golpark and Rajarhat outlets.

Chicken and Paneer Tikka Dum Handi Biryani—a flavour-packed double goodness on one plate! This dish is a combination of well-cooked six pieces of boneless chicken tikka, potatoes and rice with a generous amount of spices. As the name suggests, it is cooked in a Handi. A paneer variant is also available and it comes with six pieces of paneer tikka. Rich in flavours it will surely entice your palate. This dish is currently being served only at its Golpark and Rajarhat outlets.

Butter Chicken Kulcha – is for those who love Kulchas. This is a handmade kulcha stuffed with chicken tikkas and topped with butter. It is simply delicious…soft and flavorful. Kabir Azhar and Asher Ather, the co-owners of Aminia, are super excited about this particular preparation and said “We wanted to add a little more jazz to this light flaky and super-buttery Indian cousin of flatbreads, and we are sure that the taste will leave everyone craving for more after the first bite”. The Butter Chicken Kulcha, is served with a yogurt dip and salad. This dish is available at all outlets.

Shahi Firni – as the name suggests, is a royal version of the traditional firni. It comes flavored with the goodness of saffron and nuts. It is made with rice and milk and has a rich and creamy texture. This dish is currently being served only at its Golpark and Rajarhat outlets.