Did You All Know Another Indian Coffee House Existed? Read To Know Where!

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What Makes It Awesome

How many of you know that another branch of the Indian Coffee House existed in Jadavpur 8B? Well of course the students of Jadavpur University would know! This outlet oozes an equally old-world charm and is just the correct place to chill out after college gets over.

Located just above the Jadavpur local market, climb one floor up the stairs (which is going to give you the exact feeling when you visit the College Street outlet) to enter into a world of constructive discussions. A sip of that coffee is certainly going to stir your inner intellectual!

The dishes there will not be a huge burden to your pocket. The attendants dresses in their typical all-white attire, with that signature head gear. Order a classic coffee and a chicken sandwich if you don't want to go for a heavy meal. A vegetable sandwich will come for INR 40 and a chicken sandwich for INR 62.

And if you are visiting Coffee House, you cannot come out without tasting its fritters! Be it egg, mutton or fish, gorge on stomach-filling quick bites such as a chicken or mutton omelette, mutton kabiraji, fish fry and fish fingers. A fish finger plate will come for INR 140 with five pieces to offer.

Want to stick to the classic combo? Then what else can we suggest part from moglai paratha and cold coffee! The moglai paratha is for INR 68 only!


Take a book with yourself, because we spotted a lot of people sitting there quietly sipping their coffee and turning the pages of their favourite books. But the place is extremely loud, for obvious reasons!