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Sick of Taylor Swift? Hit Up These Underground Indie Music Sessions & Secret Gigs

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Live, indie, electronic music and underground music in fun offbeat sessions and secret gigs is what Offbeat brings to you.

What Is It?

Born in the streets of Kolkata, Offbeat is a music collective which is all about appreciating, celebrating and sharing good music. They bring down artists from across India and the world {we have to thank them for bringing down the likes of Unnayanaa & Zokhuma, Pramod Sippy, Abhi Meer and more}.

Their Kitty Su Pop-Up gigs are frequented by anyone tired of hearing Justin Bieber. Funk, soul, disco, Afro house are some of the genres they cater to. Their gigs are super fun with a bunch of eclectic, like-minded people getting together to bust a move to offbeat tunes.

Indie and Underground

They’re all about promoting underground and independent artists. They have different events so you can go for the one that fits your vibe the best. Shake a leg at the Offbeat Sessions which have great some of the best Indian musicians, producers and DJs from India and around the world churning out electronic, underground music.

The Offgrid Sessions are secret {yup, you heard it right – the sessions are kept secret and invite-only}. Hop on the live music bandwagon with Offbeat Live featuring homegrown live electronic and indie acts. The Sunday Sundown is how you need to relax this Sunday with the easy-going chillest music.

So, We’re Saying

They host gigs pretty frequently {they’re already on their 27th edition!}. You can keep yourself posted about their upcoming events through their Facebook page which has all the details for tickets and more.

If you think you’ve got some tunes you want to share or want to know more about the work they do, check out their Facebook page or drop them an email at