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Go Desi

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Well, when I first received the GoDesi box my dad got excited seeing it. He remembered how they used to get such things right outside their school. After we tasted the Desi Pops my dad was craving for more and he told me that he would love to get another box just for himself. His eyes lit up just talking about old memories, I never realised before, that a simple flavour can bring so much of nostalgia.

His inquisitive behaviour, made me dig more about Desi Pops. It was great to know, from the packaging to the food, everything is inspired by local arrangements and the flavours are sourced from the rural kitchens, which brings employment to the local women. As their production unit is at the farm gate, all raw elements are sourced from next door. Every ingredient has it's unique flavour, and the flavour depends upon the area it is grown in.

Since the team wanted to capture local flavours in their products, they needed to identify entrepreneurs in the area who were preparing these edibles, and procure them. Creating a sustainable ecosystem GoDesi went about bringing various stakeholders into the fold. The team was helped in the process by local NGOs, Foundations and Co-operatives.

Available in kaccha aam, real aam and imli pop flavours, the desi lollipops are priced at an affordable Rs 20 per four units. Made it into a lollipop and the flavour which is a big hit among all age groups.