Pick Up Quirky Totes At These Stalls Around Esplanade

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No amount of bags is ever enough bags, we all agree. But sadly, our wallets don't seem to be on our side. But lets put that to an end with these cute jute totes. 

What Makes It Awesome

The amount of things to carry now are insane. Fitting it all in one bag also a little bit of a task. Or maybe these are all excuses because we just want new bags. In any case, here is where you can score super quirky jute totes at a steal. The road opposite the Indian Museum are lined up with these tiny stalls that stock up on really cute totes that won't ruin your OOTD just because you had to carry an extra bag. 

All prints from reindeers and cool quotes to tribal patterns and pretty designs, these bags won't disappoint you. You can also find solid colors in them if you're not one for a lot going on. That's not all. These stalls don't just keep a standard size. They have cute little pouches with foreign languages on them starting at INR 30, and medium sized ones, too, that will cost you about INR 100, while the bigger ones will start at INR 150 and can go up to about INR 300.

Now you know where to head to upgrade your bag collection without burning a hole in your pocket. 

What Could Be Better

The material of some of these bags aren't the strongest, They are rather thin. 


These stalls can also be found around Esplanade and Indian Museum.