Kesar, Mango & Strawberry: Beat The Horrible Heat Wave With These Ice-Cold Lassis

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Ten-Second Takeaway

We can never have enough of cold lassi to get us through the afternoons living in a city that stays hot and humid most of the year!


The Ralli Singh company juice syrups was founded back in 1898. If you are a frequent roadside juice junky, you’ll notice almost all juice stalls use Ralli’s syrups for their drinks and ice golas. Ralli’s also has two food joints in Golpark and New Market that serve you a wide range of juices and the Lassi here is to die for.

From simple traditional lassi to flavours like rose, strawberry, mango, kesar and kesar badam from INR 25 to INR 40. Needless to say, the original syrup makers know how to make a killer lassi!

Sharma Tea House

People who frequent Bhawanipur will let you know that Sharma’s is their go-to place on any day of the week. In fact, many people swear by Sharmas when they recommend a lassi place. Served in clay bhaars, there’s always a very nice, earthy taste to these.

They have traditional lassi, mango, rose and rabri ones. The kesar that they add to the mix makes it all the more delicious. Prices start at only INR 40. If you’re looking to stay at home and drink this on a hot day, you can order from Swiggy {provided you’re in the delivery radius}.

Balwant Singh's Eating House

Just finished partying at midnight and need a nice cold lassi to cool off? Head to Balwant Singh’s place where you will find people sipping on late-night munchies, tea, their doodh cola and famous lassi. You get a nice big serving here for only INR 60. Topped with lashings of malai, it’s thick and very satisfying.


This iconic, 99-year-old juice store near College Street has served Bengali cultural giants like Rabindranath Tagore, Kavi Nazrul Islam, Suchitra Sen and many others. The customers and the staff hold on tightly to this piece of Bengali history and nostalgia. Even the building it is in has got the heritage tag by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

You must have their cream lassi and the cream kesar lassi. The taste will be different as Paramount throws some cream into the mix. They also have a variety of malai drinks such as cocoa, banana and strawberry malai. Lassis cost just INR 40 a glass.

Junior Brothers

Home to all sorts of snacks, chaat and vegetarian South Indian food, the Junior Brothers outlets are also known for their absolutely heavenly lassi. They know exactly how to balance the proportion of curd and water. We recommend you try the kesaria one and the mango lassi. They are priced at INR 40 onwards.

Azad Hind

Azad Hind serves cold lassi in a khullar, and top it with saunf and mint leaves. At INR 40, it’s the most refreshing lassi we’ve had in the city and we can assure you that you’ll feel the same. Many people in the city take long drives to the Kona Expressway outlet for a drive and to just try their food. Best visited in large groups of friends or family, this dhaba is a must try.