Take A Short Break At These Eco Resort Tents In Purulia

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What Makes It Awesome

If you have a long weekend coming up, we suggest you head out to Khairabera, a calm lake set amidst the hills of Chhota Nagpur plateau in Purulia. Stay in cosy cottages or luxury tents set up just beside the lake. It's the detox your soul needs. Khairabera is a beautiful lake surrounded by the woods, streams and Baghmundi hills in Purulia.

The folks behind it are Kolkata-based Priya Entertainment and they have taken a lot of care with the amenities. The AC luxury tents have refrigerators, lovely four-poster beds, coffee makers and room heaters. Their camping tents are regular tents where sleeping bags are provided . Major meals with tea and coffee are included in the packages. The rates vary from INR 1,250 per day per family to INR 8,000 per day per family.

You can just chill here with a book or enjoy a trek and camping put under the guidance of the resort people. They have created three trekking routes in nearby forests marked with road signage. Get your binocs and try to spot a barking deer, bear, wild boar, leopards, elephants and Indian hyenas. You can also go kayaking on the enormous lake and try to identify different local birds. You can also hire sports bikes and explore the villages nearby. The resort also has basketball, volleyball and badminton courts to keep you active. Bring your swimming gear along as you can go splash-splash in the lake. In the evenings, if you are up for it, they will set up a barbecue by the lake where you can also show off your cooking skills (or ask them to cook for you).


Go during the Polash festival when the area is drenched in brilliant red flowers - late September to early April is the best time to visit. Khairabera is situated about 67km from Purulia. You can book a pick up and drop with the resort.

Eco - Adventure Resorts