Here's Everything You Need To Know About Kolkata's First Luxury Cooking Studio

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What Makes It Awesome

Have you folks heard of a cooking studio in Kolkata yet? If not, let us introduce you to Kitchenette. Located on Rawdon Street, Kitchenette is the brainchild of Devika Agarwal and is Kolkata's first luxury cooking studio.

So what's the drill? It's a vegetarian cooking studio but they make exceptions for eggs. And the space can be used for hosting private parties, chef tables, workshops, cooking classes and product launches. So not just individuals, even restaurants and cafes can host workshops and cooking classes.

Kitchenette has 12 individual stations for the audience and one chef table, but the kitchen can accommodate two persons at one station. Since the city of joy is also known for its food-loving nature, and has a palate which is always ready to experiment, this studio provides the perfect opportunity to host classes conducted by celebrity chefs in a personalised environment.

The space also sources local, fresh and organic produce, and they themselves host quite a few workshops. The space is high-end and is equipped with industrial freezers, Bosch convection ovens, backlit display shelves and live camera streaming, among others. Coming to the rate card, they charge INR 12,500 for a minimum of two hours and can go up to INR 40,000 for eight hours. Don't hold back your passion to go the gourmet way and call them up already?


If you want to collaborate with Kitchenette, they have that option too, wherein they will offer PR, marketing and sourcing services.