Flying To Kolkata? Here Are Five Experiences You Cannot Miss Out On

Priya posted on 25 April

Kolkata, the city of joy and everything in sepia tones, is one of our favourite places to visit. Every time we fly into the city we see it in a different light. There is so much to do and so much to explore. This city is like the time machine you need to break away from your daily routine. There are certain experiences that will melt the heart of the devil too. Make sure you add these to your list too.

Mishti Heaven

Let us kick off this write-up on a sweet note. There is a reason why this city is so sweet. Get your hands on roshogollas, chhanar payesh, nolen gurer sondesh, kacha golla, roshomadhuri… this list is really long and we are already drooling. Anyway, you get the point, one trip to this city is just not enough to cover the desserts they have to offer. Find some of the best here.

A Bangla Meal At Home

Don’t know anyone in the city? Want the most authentic Bengali food experience? Head to Iti Aunty’s house for some shorshe baata diye bhetki maach, luchi, cholar dal and veggie with paanch phoron. This is the same lady known for the Iti Aunty’s Daab Chingri Pizza served at Monkey Bar {yasss!}. You will know a city better only after you have eaten the local food. Book a seat at aunty’s table here.

The Not-So-New Market

Shopping for everything from earrings to furniture at New Market is the best. You can bargain and get the best deals on anything and everything shoes, sarees, exotic flowers and rare cheese, absolutely anything. New Market has been in existence since the colonial era and is the oldest market standing. If you have a ,1000 bucks, this is how you should spend it at the market.

Dead On The Inside

Did you know that Kolkata is home to a 140-year old building that houses every single unsent letter in Bengal? Amazing, right? Every letter that got lost in the mail ended up at the Old Telegraph Office also known as the Dead Letter Office. Located at the corner of Dalhousie Square East and Dalhousie Square South, you cannot miss this bright red beauty. This is the perfect selfie spot for your next trip. Get more info here.

Government Offices

R.N. Mukherjee Road, Lal Dighi, Lal Bazar, Kolkata

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    Fly The New Experience

    To check out these hidden gems your travel to the city needs to be an experience too. Fly Vistara, they have kicked off their new route to & from this city. You fly Premium Economy and get gourmet meals, Starbucks coffee in Business class & Premium Economy, priority handling besides a super-friendly crew and beautiful aircraft with ample space to work or relax. Yet another thing to look forward to when Kolkata is a-calling.

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