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Hey Kolkata, Freakshakes Have Arrived On Our Shores! And Here’s Where You Can Get Them

Raisa posted on 03 November


Brickwood just launched their newest menu items – freakshakes – and we are freaking out! Pick up Brownie Lava or Strawberry Fondant for INR 320 all inclusive.

Freak Out

The Sugar Gods have finally blessed the City of Joy with freakshakes. Brickwood has just launched their newest menu items — with two flavours of the freakshake, Brownie Lava Burst Freakshake and Strawberry Fondant Freakshake.

Chocolate lovers, you are going to go gaga over this one. The Brownie Lava Burst has a base of Brickwood’s famous Brownie shake. The glass is coated with whipped cream with Belgian dark chocolate chips stuck onto it. The whole thing is topped with their homemade cookie {a soft buttery biscuit}, their duo brownie {the brownie is a combination of both pure white chocolate and pure dark chocolate} and an entire Chocolate Lava Cake {a warm cake which has gooey chocolate inside}.

You can also spend an afternoon digging into the Strawberry Fondant Freakshake. Rainbow sprinkles on generous amounts of whipped cream, a Velluto Rosso Fondant {a red velvet oozy cake} sitting on top of a homemade cookie. The shake is served in a giant glass mug on a plate {they know you’re going to make a mess}. Both a straw and a spoon are provided to help you dig in to these beauties. Half the thrill is cutting into the lava cake and watching it ooze all over the whipped cream and into the drink.

What’s Freaking Awesome?

All the desserts are wood-fire baked! The wood-fire oven gives the desserts a smoky flavour. Super bonus – don’t worry about the freakshakes being too sweet. They are surprisingly not! Because the base is made with dark chocolate {Brickwood only uses Belgian chocolate chips and 55% pure dark chocolate}, neither the drink nor the desserts are as sweet as they look. All the fun of the sugar rush without getting your teeth on edge.

The freakshakes come for INR 320 all inclusive. No fake promos, no added costs – the freakshakes look EXACTLY like they do in pictures and cost INR 320 with no extra amount.

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