Kolkata Peeps, Get This All-In-One Transport Pass Right Now!

Editors posted on 18 July

Kolkata people – especially those who like to use public transport – you should pick up the just-launched West Bengal Transport Card. Much like London’s all-in-one Oyster Card, this will enable commuters to swipe and pay fares on all state-run buses, trams and ferries in the city. Unfortunately these are not valid on the metro though. The card is currently sold at five major bus stations in the city and is expected to be available from 20 other locations soon. We are still figuring out which bus stations have these, and will update you as soon as we know.

So, We're Saying

Simplify your commute with this card. No more scrabbling around for change and dealing with angry autorickshaw drivers asking, “You think I am a bank? How do you expect change for a 50 rupee note?”