Before & After: These Kolkata Peeps Reveal How Yoga Helped Them Get Fit

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Tired of gym hopping and not seeing any results? Break free from the loop and get motivated to hit the mat. Check out how yoga has helped people shed the kilos.

Ekta De

Weight loss: 14 kilos.

Her story: With a severe car accident restricting her flexibility and mobility, Ekta had a serious case of weight gain and body ache. She weighed around 76 kilos then and wanted to lose all that extra weight, her gym experience did nothing to take care of her pain and aches. So, after much thought Ekta chose to take up yoga at Mystic Yoga for a holistic treatment of the body and the mind. With a regular routine of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, Ekta has not only shed 14 kilos over a period of 10 months, she says a combination of asanas and brreating exercises has also helped her gain agility and manage all the gastroenterological problems that she was suffering from.

Diet: A simple diet with less carbs and plenty of cereals and pulses.

Cheat days: From light sweets to eating out twice a week.

Sourav Mandal

Weight loss: 22 kilos.

His story: An IT professional completely sucked into the stressful and sedentary cycle of work-eat-sleep and repeat, Sourav was not only suffering from a case of excess weight, but also depression and isolation. At 28, he weighed over 108 kilos. He was reclusive and never felt active enough to pursue his love for travel. Relying mostly on hatha yoga, Sourav has lost 22 kilos in nine months! Now he weighs 86 kilos, travels and has a social life.

Diet: He follows a diet that is rich in fruits and protein. He has cut down significantly on junk food.

Cheat days:  When he travels, he has to eat out, but when at home, Sourav enjoys one cheat day a week.

Alivia Paul

Weight loss: 12 kilos.

Her story: A research student, 26-year-old Alivia has to cope with endless assignments and demanding class hours that add stress and extra kilos. After a regular routine of ashtanga and hatha yoga, she has improved overall body flexibility. She says the combination of yoga and meditation helped her get a balanced body and mind.

Diet: Alivia swears by small portions of food every two hours.

Cheat days: She allows herself one cheat day a week and eats moderate portions.

Olympia Paul

Weight loss: 9 kilos.

Her story: Olympia’s respiratory problems and weight gain had been niggling worries which led to her try gyms. But it did nothing to up fitness levels. Finally, it was ashtanga and ashtanga vinyasa yoga that the 22-year-old student practiced under a senior yoga instructor that started to show some results. Olympia swears by the suryanamaskaar {she does 108 rounds at one go!}, and says it has not only helped her lose weight but has also cured her respiratory problems.

Diet: Olympia has hardly given up much on food, though she says she eats healthy as much as possible.

Cheat days: She loves indulging in sweets {especially chocolates} and enjoys one cheat day of eating out every two weeks.


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