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You Can Now Get Chinatown's Sauces And Ready-To-Cook Momos & Buns Home Delivered

Anuradha posted on 08 November


Kolkata Chinatown’s famous Pou Chong sauces, baos and momos are now available to order online.

More Momos

Say ‘bye bye’ to momo cravings and ‘hello’ to a freezer stocked with momos. One of Chinatown’s iconic momo and bao shops, Pou Chong, now lets you order online and get your share of Chinese treats home delivered. You’ve probably had these authentic momos at your morning breakfasts at Tiretti Bazaar. With the thinnest wrapping and meatiest filling, they’re some of the best momos in the city.

Veg momos, chicken momos and chicken and cheese {yup, you heard it right!} momos are all available for INR 218 onwards. Since the items are frozen, they can be stored in the freezer for days. You can even buy the momo sauce and noodles to go with the momos online. The noodles come in rice, egg and vegetarian varieties.

Their signature sauce range {they have everything from Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce to Manchurian sauce – there are over 10 varieties of sauce} is available for online ordering too.

Grab Your Buns

One can place an order on their Facebook page. Shoot them a message detailing the items you want and they’ll be in touch.

BBQ Pork buns and authentic Chicken Steam Buns are available exclusively only at the Tangra outlet for INR 90 for 4 pieces. These are all frozen and ready to cook – all you have to do is steam them. The buns are not yet available online {but they will be soon, fingers crossed!} You can pick it up from their main outlet or in Tiretti bazaar on special order.

You can also order them online here and here or call them on 9007368759.

Anything Else?

If you order online, the mimimum order is INR 200. The good news is the delivery comes in 1-2 business days!

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