Pick Up Cheese Sambusaks And Challah Bread At The 115-Year-Old Jewish Bakery Nahoum

Anuradha posted on 29 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

In Kolkata and never been to Nahoum and Sons? You are missing out not just on the best brownies and fudge, but also on a slice of Kolkata’s history.

What Is It?

It’s a legendary confectionery shop that was started by a Jewish family {it is named after them} more than a century ago and has become one of the most popular food stops in the city. During Christmas, people throng here for the their rich fruit and plum cakes and Easter eggs {ironic that a Jewish bakery is now known for Christmas cakes and Easter eggs!}. It was set up in 1902 by Nahoum Israel Mordecai who came to Kolkata from Baghdad. Till today, they have held on to the teakwood furniture,  glass-fronted display cases and cash till that they started with.

Back in those days, the city had synagogues, Jewish schools, a burial board, a spots club and even a hospital ward with a kosher kitchen!

What Should I Have Here?

We suggest you start with an egg chop and move on to a chicken or mutton samosa, fish pantras and the pizza-based puffs. Finish off with a selection of their desserts. Perhaps a light tart – we love the lemons, almond and the brightly-hued jammy ones and the sugar-dusted lemon puffs.

The Cheese Has It

The best thing the bakery has to offer is the Jewish cheese sambusak – it has a soft, papery crust and is filled with their signature cheese. There’s nothing quite like it in all of India. These and the challah bread are the few traditional Jewish item still being sold here.

Anything Else?

Before you leave, pack some of their excellent brownies, some fudge and macaroons, handmade biscuits, and a loaf their garlic bread {it’s the best you’ll have ever had}. During Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashnanah and Yom Kippur {both in September}, you can get baklava.

So, We're Saying....

Head here next time you need desserts for a party, or cheese and a rich garlic bread to go with your spaghetti bolognaise, or to just get a feel of old Kolkata.