Get A King's Meal At Kolkata's Newest Confectionery For Under INR 100

Sneha posted on 08 September


Lamb and mint patties, apple strudel, tikka wraps and mushroom pies – Dariole’s the new go-to place for students and youngsters on a tight budget.

Chow Down

Over just a month old, Dariole is the place to hit if you want good food at great prices. The average pricing for their product is INR 35, so it’s become a hotspot for students and youngsters.  And the menu however offers many food items beyond your cliched pastries and puffs. We loved the lamb and mint patties {INR 40}, chicken tikka wraps {INR 40}, the mushroom pie {INR 35}, five spice chicken triangles {INR 32}. Desserts include Linzer Torte {INR 35}, Chocolate Mocha Praline {INR 25}, Apple Pineapple Strudel {INR 35}, Jamun Cupcake {INR 25} and many more. And yes, we’ve finally found a place in Kolkata which serves good chocolate doughnuts {INR 25}.

Sip On...

The cold coffee tastes like a real cold coffee and not a milk shake which most cafes serve these day. It’s only INR 75, and comes in a disposable cups which you can enjoy on the move as well.

Anything Else?

This new kid on the block comes from the house of Speciality Restaurants {the same peeps who own Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Mezzuna and other Kolkata restaurants} so you can be rest assured to get quality desserts and savouries without hurting your pocket. We liked the bright lights of the cafe and the extremely courteous staff. Just so you know, in French, the word dariole means moulds or a dessert that is baked in a mould.

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    42-A, Shakespeare Sarani, Theatre Road, Kolkata