Kolkata Can Now Dig Into Nabadwip's Famous Sweet Delicacy - Kheer Doi!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kheer (khir) Doi from Nabadwip is known for its elaborate production process and thickness in texture. The preparation takes around 3 to 4 days. Full cream milk simmers in a gentle fire for a long time to thicken and condense it. It is also known as Laal Doi at Nabadwip due to its reddish tinge comes from simmering and thickening. Curd is stored in earthenware containers, which adds up a rustic flavour. The curd is so thick even you invert the earthen pot; it will not fall off

Curd is neither too sweet nor has a thick layer of dalda (hydrogenated vegetable oil) on top. Once you taste it, you will bound to get addicted to the same and will not relish any other variant of sweet curd from any branded Kolkata shops.

Khir Doi is manufactured at Nabadwip and stored at Kolkata warehouse for delivery. The price ranges around INR 200 per kg. Due to transport restrictions during the lockdown, this has increased by 50 per cent.

Couple of numbers to place your order: 8697523004/9836049123/9681891474