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Don’t Overload Your Dresser, Load Your Skin With The Goodness Of Lavenza

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What Makes It Awesome

Beauty products, these days, come loaded with the most complex and exotic (or should we say weird) ingredients in an attempt to excite the consumer (you). From activated charcoal (done to death, now) to snail mucus extract (yep, you read that right), red algae, goat’s milk, detoxified gold dust, meteorite extract and whatnot! While you keep buying and trying, in the hope of settling into that ‘perfect’ skincare routine, what you actually end up with is an overfilled dresser.

Lavenza, an organic beauty brand is cutting through the noise to offer you time-tested skincare recipes and handcrafted super skin-foods that feed your skin without feeding off your pockets. Lavenza does this by following the KISS (keep it simple silly) philosophy. They craft multitasking essentials so you don’t need to add multiple products to your skincare regime. 

Like the Lavenza Glow Booster, a unique oil-free blend that can work as a daily face illuminator, primer and highlighter, all rolled in one. Made with organic floral waters of chamomile and rose geranium, and loaded with papaya and peach extracts, calendula, Vitamin E, B5 & powerful antioxidants. This water-based formula is like a superfood for your skin. Their face cleansers too double up as make-up removers, also offering added benefits of keeping the skin hydrated. How do like the idea of a mask plus scrub? The Herb & Berry Face Mask & Scrub is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It is hand pounded with dried strawberries, orange peel and Hibiscus offering deep cleansing without stripping your skin off its natural moisture. Now you can do more with less.


Lavenza also has a starter kit with mini versions of all their products if you wish to take it for a test spin!