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These Five Root Bridges Are A Must Check For Your Next Trip To Meghalaya

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It may be called as the Scotland of the East, but the billowy floating clouds and the lush hills are not the only ones that you must put on your travel check list to Meghalaya. The thick tropical forests of Meghalay that are drenched in rain for the most part of the year hides the most fantastic man-made wonders - the root bridges of Meghalaya. Created and nurtured by the Khasi tribes that inhabit this region, the Umshiang Double Decker root bridge is not the only one hidden here. Surprised? Here's our list of the root bridges (popular ones and those not often mentioned) that you must check when you are traveling to Meghalaya.

The Umshiang Double Decker Root Bridge hogs all the attention away from the others, and rightfully so. The sheer height, length and vastness is a wonder to all. Not built, but grown, this one has two living bridges stacked on top of the other. Stretching from village Tyrna, the arms of the rubber tree roots have entangled for 3 km to take you across the river. Perched at a height of 2,400 feet, you'll have to hike up several meters to reach the upper bridge which is 20 metre long.

The Ummunoi Root Bridge is one of the oldest known living bridges in this area, The Ummunoi Root Bridge takes its name from the river that it pans across. A single bridge for one-way commute this one hangs 1,400 feet above sea level and stretches for 74 metres long.

The Ritymmen Root Bridge comes up before you reach Umshiang when you trek from Tyrna Village. Settled in Nongthymmai village, this single root bridge is 30 m long and is one of the longest living bridges.

The Umkar Root Bridge is small in length, but boasts of one of the most breathtaking views, the Umkar root bridge stretches from Siej Village. Perfect for those who can't call themselves fit as a fiddle, you can trek across this bridge in just half and hour. Mind your step on the trek because the waterfall gushing beside it can take your attention away. 


The Mawsaw Root Bridge Mawsaw stands just half and hour away from Umshiang. Take a trek across the bridge and then a plunge at the cool pools near the foot of the bridge to relax.