Explore The World's Only Floating National Park At This Lake In Manipur

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What Makes It Awesome

Located in Moirang district, Loktak Lake is the Northeast region’s largest freshwater lake and is also known globally for hosting the world’s only floating national park. It is also home to floating schools, homestays and resorts!

Loktak is basically an extraordinary archipelago of floating green islands called phumdi – mind you, these are not your regular islands. They are a floating biomass of rich nutrients that enable plant growth and also support birds and aquatic life. Travel to Manipur by air for a striking sight.

These phumdis are a lifeline for locals, fishermen and those living in surrounding areas. Sail through them with the fishermen to discover an interaction between man and nature that is as refreshing and exceptional as the landscape. 

Among these phumdis is the world’s only floating Keibul Lamjao National Park, which also happens to be the only natural habitat for the brow-antlered deer or the Sangai – the state animal. Make sure you visit because, you never know, you might just spot one here! You can go by road or on foot but we suggest you enter by boat for an authentic experience.

Stay at the luxurious Sendra Park Classic Resort for stunning views of the lake. If you’re looking for a slightly more local experience, opt for floating homestays like Maipakchao’s Homestay or Sangai Moonlight Camping. But, for a real and authentic experience, stay on the phumdis with the local fishermen in traditional straw huts. Go on daily boat rides, enjoy home-cooked Manipuri food and escape the chaos of city life right in the lap of nature.


Also check out the world’s only floating school for children and adults on a phumdi at Langolsabi Leikai in Champu Khangpok village.

Make sure you take the necessary permissions from the Forest Department if you wish to sail through the phumdis