The Most Happening Lord Of The Drinks In Now In Kolkata!

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Serving Effortlessly Everywhere, Lord of the Drinks slays with every bite of amazing flavors and a huge array of liqueurs for your ecstatic every day. The Lord serves to Asia’s Longest Bar, Lord of the Drinks has attained and embarked a long way to revolute the nightlife of Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and finally it has stepped foot in the City of Joy, December 2019. Lod of the Drinks is located at the fourth floor of South City Mall, just opposite to the food court.

Coming to the food and their specialised cocktails, we had:


• Purple Rain - This one was the best cocktail among all. It was basically a combination of blue pea infused gin with elderflower syrup along with lime juice and tonic water.

• My Passion - The base of this one was basically of tequilla. Tequilla fused with fresh passion fruit, lime juice, kafir lime, orange juice.

• Kanpai Mojito- This Kanpai Mojito had gin as it's base, which was then fused with choya plum wine, rose petals, yuzu lime juice, orange bitters and soda.

• Misty Vanilla Sour- The main attraction of this cocktail is the way it is served. The glass was covered with liquid nitrogen. The baase was vanilla vodka along with, lime juice, elderflower syrup, Vanilla cordial, egg white and bitter.

• Whiskey Sour - Bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, bitter are the main elements of this cocktail.

• Paloma- Finally this drink had it's base Tequila. Tequila fused with elderflower syrup, lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice and egg white. This one is highly recommended, for people who love to have tequila.


• Tandoori Chicken & Cheese Balls- Crispy crumbled chicken was covered with cheese and pickled pearl onion, in an spherical shape and then fried, served with ghost pepper mayonnaise.

• Prawn Salt and Pepper- Crispy fried Prawn diced onion and diced bell pepper along with kimchi. The prawns were soft and the dish was medium spicy, goes best with any type of cocktails.

• Hara Bhara Kebab- People thinking that veg dishes are not good enough must try this dish. A seasonal veg deep fried patty along with onion relish and filled with cheese, served with mint chutney.

• Chicken Gyoza- Chicken Gyoza is basically a preparation of momo which by looks will tell you that it is a steamed momo, but actually it is a pan fried momo.

• Hawaiian Pizza- I personally am a very big fan of any food item which has both mixture of spicy as well as sweet tooth. This Hawaiian Pizza was a dish, which was spicy and the fresh juicy pineapple gave a sweet texture to it. It was topped with tomato sauce, ham, fresh juicy pineapple, fresh red chillies, basil, garlic, oil and  mozzarella.

• Monte Carlo Dessert- A massive blast of chocolate. The complete cake was covered with dark chocolate bars and the inner area was filled with soft puffy cake which was completely dipped in chocolate. The presentation was no doubt great.

Coming to the ambience, the interiors showcase a strong influence drawn from the neo-classical and modern era with customized brass disc chandeliers having customizable lights. The outlet follows a robust combination of green and cherry complemented with a very unique collection of Chairs to make one feel the lavish vibes. They also have an outdoor sitting area. Their hospitality was no doubt great. All of them were extremely professional as well as their behavior and gestures were polite and humble.