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These Hotels In Mandarmani Will Give You A Bonfire On The Beach

    Tell ghost stories around the fire or have a dance party – head to these hotels in Mandarmani which will light a bonfire on the beach for you.

    Candlewood Park

    A three-hour drive for a warm and cosy bonfire at midnight is definitely a road trip worth taking. For minimal charges, the hotel staff will gladly provide you with a roaring fire till 1 am. They’re even happy to plan a candle-lit dinner for you and bae to celebrate a special evening and hook you up with adventure sports facilities. You can even get a room for two (non AC) at around INR 1,000 a night which works out to less than INR 400 if three people share, which is super affordable.

    Bombay Beach Resort

    It may not be Bombay or Goa-level of luxury, but the Bombay Beach Resort will organise bonfire {or ‘campfire’ as they call it}, hookah and music if you request them. Plan an awesome evening party on the beach with lots of music and surf and turf. Rooms during the holiday season start at INR 1,500.

    Massara Beach Resort

    This resort is surrounded by greenery and lawns perfect to host a bonfire evening if you want to avoid getting sandy on the beach. They’ll also organise cricket, badminton and other games for the little ones and let you rent bicycles to ride around – family-style party goals. The tariff is a little steep since it’s peak season with the remaining rooms starting at INR 2,800+.

    Hotel Lake View

    Not strictly in Mandarmani, Tajpur is a half an hour drive away from the main town. The hotel will set up a controlled outdoor bonfire which is also their informal way of disposing of burnable waste while you celebrate. Their fires don’t burn long but the party the hotel will throw for you will be super fun as long as it lasts. Rooms start at INR 3,500.

    ADB Kanvas

    Want to spend quality time on the beach? Invest in a couple of hours of chargeable bonfire. These guys specialise in pre-wedding parties – no more booking tickets to Krabi for the next bachelorette party, you’ve got a perfectly good option just a three-hour drive away. The rooms left start at INR 3,300 and are great for a one-night escape from the insane city traffic.

    Sana Beach Resort

    Sana has become synonymous with Mandarmani visits and their bonfires are the biggest and best. The area around the bonfire becomes like a mini open-air disco complete with loud music, freely flowing drinks and the latest dance moves. You get a decent crowd which is a huge bonus for a semi-open party. There are only a few rooms left at the resort {it’s very popular in the holiday season} starting at INR 3,000 inclusive of breakfast.


    You may want to book your bonfires as soon as you arrive. Most of the hotels prefer doing it for larger groups so they make time getting more people on board before agreeing.