Guess Who’s Back: Mango Has Re-Opened In Forum Mall

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    Mango has thrown open its doors once again just in time for the pujo season and we couldn’t be happier.

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    After a couple of month’s hiatus, Mango is back in the city with a bang, in its old location in Forum Courtyard. And the shelves are stocked up on all your old favourites. Missing their perfectly-fitting trousers or their seamless tops that transition from work to party wear to effortlessly? Couldn’t wait to load up on their affordable soft t-shirts? Now you don’t have to. Bags, accessories, all the bling you need for the festive season and more is there in full blow as well.

    Mango has a really affordable range of INR 500-1,500 for casual t-shirts and INR 2,000+ for formal and party-wear. The collection only has women’s wear but we’ve got our fingers crossed for mens and kids outlets to open soon too.

    With the news of H&M opening just a couple of feet away from there {two full floors of H&M!}, the shopping gods are really on our side!

    So, We’re Saying…

    Rush there to load up on Pujo shopping {the price range is perfect to get presents too} or if you’re looking for tops to carry on vacation, you’ll find plenty.

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